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Arkady Tzykun

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Make Jazz, not War!

Some years ago I was invited to the Artworkshop in Munster, Germany. There were artists from other countries, too (England, France, Norway, Poland, Russia,Israel, Tunis...) It was a wonderful time! Organizers were very hospitable - parties, excursions, meetings, painting in the open air, etc. Everybody was given a studio in wich to work. I, an Israeli artist, shared a studio with the Russian artist. Of course, we spoke Russian (I'm originally from Russia). Two Polish artists were our neigbours. They knew Russian and we spent a lot of time together. Once, I left the studio  - I was looking for sandwiches. Soon I found a small sandwich shop. The seller was oringinally from Iraq. I told him that we, Jews, were from Iraq too - thousands of years ago we left that place for the Promised Land. I felt as if I was a brother to the seller.

 My Polish-Russian colleagues and I ate tasty Iraqi sandwiches, drank strong Polish vodka, and sang Russian songs. In that moment, I felt  like a Polish-Russian brother!

Eventually, I  made a picture  called  "MAKE JAZZ, NOT WAR"  for our common exhibition. You can see it in the background  behind me (I'm the one without glasses) in the photo - the soldier playing a saxophone.



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