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בחירות-2015 בבלוג:


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בחירות 2015


My student


The hot summer

The temperature of the water is +31C. Enjoy!


The lecture at the Cartoon Museum

I was drawing the Saul Steinberg's cartoons at the Israeli Cartoon Museum during my lecture on Saturday, 4/08/12

This is my favorite Saul Steinberg's cartoon!

My student

I've been teaching an Art at a high school since 1996. Sometimes I draw my students.

This picture was made by charcoal.



It's so HOT outside! I recommend you strongly to drink a good light wine, not a


strong vodka!

My favorite model

We' ve been to the North of Israel. It was wonderful trip! I made some pictures with my camera and markers.

My wife was my model on the open air.


The artist


The portrait


The Composition

Dima Gorbachev is a graphic designer. Recently he showed us  new drawings for his one-man show.

The drawings were on the table in a chaotic order. I drew the attention to the composition wich was created from these drawings.

Take a look at the composition!


Edinburgh, Scotland


Chester, England


Bergen, Norway


The roofs of Bergen, Norway


The statue of Kiepenkerl in Munster


Small street in Munster


Tavern in Munster


The Lutheran Church in Munster


Make Jazz, not War!

Some years ago I was invited to the Artworkshop in Munster, Germany. There were artists from other countries, too (England, France, Norway, Poland, Russia,Israel, Tunis...) It was a wonderful time! Organizers were very hospitable - parties, excursions, meetings, painting in the open air, etc. Everybody was given a studio in wich to work. I, an Israeli artist, shared a studio with the Russian artist. Of course, we spoke Russian (I'm originally from Russia). Two Polish artists were our neigbours. They knew Russian and we spent a lot of time together. Once, I left the studio  - I was looking for sandwiches. Soon I found a small sandwich shop. The seller was oringinally from Iraq. I told him that we, Jews, were from Iraq too - thousands of years ago we left that place for the Promised Land. I felt as if I was a brother to the seller.

 My Polish-Russian colleagues and I ate tasty Iraqi sandwiches, drank strong Polish vodka, and sang Russian songs. In that moment, I felt  like a Polish-Russian brother!

Eventually, I  made a picture  called  "MAKE JAZZ, NOT WAR"  for our common exhibition. You can see it in the background  behind me (I'm the one without glasses) in the photo - the soldier playing a saxophone.



My painting from Munster, Germany


Viczenza, Italy


The Krimea, Ukraine


Dayli drawing



from Paris too


This is Paris!

Hi, my dear friends!

Sunni, thank you for your comment!

I'm going on with French topic today. Enjoy!

rain falls in Paris


The castle in Loire valley


"Don Quixote"




"Protest March"

First of all I'd like to thank my younger daughter Vita - she has created the site and the blog for me.

I'm going to publish my cartoons, drawings and scetches here. In the beginning I offer you some of my "french" cartoons. According to the tradition of the Israeli Cartoonists Association we organize a Theme cartoon Exhibition every year. Once we organized the cartoon exhibition at the French Consulate in Tel-Aviv. I've made 3  "french" cartoons: 1. "Protest March" (as you know, frog's legs are delicacies in France), 2. "Guiliotine"(this french "innovation" has changed the cource of History), 3. "Don Quixote" (in my cartoon don Quixote and Sancho Panza have gotten to Paris too).

These cartoons were exhibited at many exhibitions all over the world, took part in the International cartoon contests and were published in many magazines and newspapers.

My other artworks you can see also at my WEBsite: WWW.ARKADYART.COM

Have a nice viewing!




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